Epson KDS Bump Bar

The KDS bump bar allows you to interact and bump (remove) orders from your screens. It can also recall bumped orders in case a mistake was made, and order was bumped early.

This article will provide complete usage details of the bump bar.

Finding the Tile Number

Before you bump an order, it’s important to know which tile the order belongs to, so you can remove the correct order. The tile’s number is located in the top left corner for the order. In the example below, the tile number is 4.

Bump an Order

Press the order tile number between 1 - 9 to bump/complete the order.

If you want to bump an order between tiles 10 - 19, you need to press the “0/10” button first and then press a button between 0/10 to 9 to select the second digit between 0-9. 


For example, pressing the 0/10 button, followed by 5, will bump the order on tile 15. If you press the “0/10” button twice, you will bump the order on tile 10.


Force Bump: If pressing one of the numbers does not automatically remove the order from your screen, you can try force-bumping the order. Simply press the Bump button followed by an order tile (between 1-9) number to force bump the order.


Scroll Mode

Scroll mode allows you to select specific items so they can be bumped individually. Press the “Scroll” button in the bump bar to enter/exit Scroll mode. When you enter the scroll mode, it appears on the KDS screen in the top left corner.


After entering scroll mode, press one of the number buttons to select which order/tile you wish to scroll through. The first item in the order tile will be highlighted once you choose the order tile.

  • Press the Home button to scroll to the next item in your order. 
  • Press the Mode button to scroll to the previous item in your order.
  • Press the Bump item to bump the selected item. A bumped item will have a strikethrough to indicate it has been completed/bumped.

Note: Once all items of an order have been bumped, the order itself will be removed/bumped from the KDS screen.


Recall Orders

Recall allows you to bring back orders you have already bumped. This is helpful if a staff member accidentally bumped an order before it was finished. To bring up the history window, press the Recall key. A list of bumped orders will appear from most recent to oldest.

  • To recall the selected order, simply press the enter key.
  • Press the Home button to scroll to the next order.
  • Press the Mode button to scroll to the previous order.
  • To close the history window, press the Recall button again.

Note: Recalled orders will be placed in the first tile on your KDS screen.


Viewing off Screen Orders

Depending on the layout of your KDS screen, there can be orders that are not displayed on your screen. You can press the Home button to view new orders to the right and the Mode button to view older, existing orders off-screen to the left.


Ex: Pressing the Home button once to move to the right will bring one new order into view in the last tile space. The order occupying tile one will shift off-screen to the left, and the order tile two will move to tile 1, etc.


The Summary button can be used to display order information on a single tile or to display an item’s recipe/description on the KDS screen. This must be the first setup using the KDS Utility program and is not commonly done.   


To display an order in a single tile, simply press the Summary button and then select the order’s tile number. This can be helpful if you have an order that spans multiple tiles due to a large number of items on the order. Press the Summary button again to close this window.

If you choose to set up recipes in the KDS Utility program, you can use the Summary feature to display those recipes or item descriptions. 


Use the scroll feature to select an order and specific item. Press the Summary button, and a popup window will appear that provides the recipe/instructions information of the selected item. Press the Summary button again to close this window.


For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email