EPSON KDS Setup in Lavu Control Panel

This article shows you how to set up your Epson KDS in the Lavu Control Panel.

Below are the steps to help you create a printer profile for Epson KDS in the Lavu Control Panel (

Click on Settings on the left-hand side, and select Printers/Technical.

Click Printers/KDS from the list. 


Scroll down to Printers/KDS to see a list of your current printer profiles. Your list will be blank if you haven’t created any. Click Add New to create a new profile for your KDS device.

Select an available kitchen setting from the Setting dropdown, provide a name for your KDS screen, enter the IP address, and enter 9100 as the port number.

Note: To find your KDS device's IP address, simply connect it to a monitor and turn it on. The start-up screen will include the device’s IP address and firmware version.


Select Epson as the Printer Type from the list, and select Epson Impact for the Command Set (If KDS Firmware 2.11 or higher, otherwise, select Thermal).

Select TM-U220 as the model (If KDS Firmware 2.11 or higher, otherwise select TM-T88V-i), and enable Epson KDS.

Click Save to finish creating your new printer profile.

Afterward, you can assign this profile to your menu categories and items, just like any other kitchen printer.


If you are having issues sending items to your KDS screen, try these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Check to make sure the KDS device is powered on and connected to your network.

                 i. You should see a green and orange light where the ethernet cable is connected.

  • Ensure that Image Capability is set to None in the printer profile.
  • Ensure the port number is set to 9100.
  • Ensure the IP address in the printer profile is correct.

             i. You can check the current IP address of the KDS device by turning the device off and back on again while it is connected to a monitor.
  • Ensure the item you are sending to the kitchen is connected to the KDS printer profile in your menu.
  • Ensure your iPad is connected to the same network as your KDS devices.
  • Power cycle all of your KDS devices and leave them off for at least 1 minute.

                i. Ensure all orders that are currently on your screens have been completed, as power cycling, the device will remove all orders currently on your screen.


For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email