EPSON KDS - Touchscreen Display

An Epson KDS using a touchscreen display provides an intuitive and responsive way to interact with your orders. Like a traditional display, it can be customized to show order details, item color choices, modifier text, and much more. 

The touch screen replaces the bump bar's functionality, allowing kitchen staff to bump items and orders with a few simple taps. (If your hands are wet or you are wearing thick gloves, the touch screen may not react to your touch.) Please note that a physical bump bar cannot be plugged into KDS equipment to bump orders if you’re using a touchscreen display.



Bump Items and Orders


To bump an item, simply tap the item on an order, and a strikethrough will appear through the item and any modifiers to indicate that it has been completed. To bump the entire order, you can either bump each item individually or tap the order’s header. When the order is bumped, the tile will vanish from the Epson KDS display screen.  


Note: If you accidentally bump an item, tap on it again to remove the strikethrough. 


To bump the entire order, tap on the order header. 



Recall Orders


If you accidentally bumped an order, you can recall the order by tapping the Recall button in the top left corner.

After you tap Recall, you will see a list of completed orders on the screen. 



Simply tap on the order you wish to recall. Recalled orders have been identified, highlighted, and placed first on the list.


Scrolling Through Orders


If you have more active orders than can fit on the screen, you can scroll through the pages using the arrow buttons in either top corner of the display. Each tap will shift your viewing orders by one tile.



On the Summary window, you can see the all-day order information along with the order tiles on the Epson KDS display screen at the right-hand side of the screen. You can expand this summary by tapping on the tile header.


Note: To view the Summary report on the display screen, you will need to make some setting adjustments on KDS Utility. We recommend that you reach out to our customer support team so they can help you enable this setting.


Basic Touchscreen troubleshooting

  • If the touch screen doesn’t respond to your touch, ensure the USB cable is properly secured between the monitor and the KDS device.
  • If your touch screen doesn’t power on, ensure the power cable is secure, and the wall outlet provides power. 
  • If the touchscreen shows a blank screen, check that the VGA cable is properly connected between the KDS device and the screen.


For further support, please contact our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email