Lavu Kiosk - Verifone Integration

Lavu Kiosk - Verifone Integration

Kiosk Verifone Integration

Lavu Kiosk simplifies ordering and payment at restaurants. It allows patrons to find the items they want, place orders, and pay for their food, as their orders are sent automatically to the kitchen. It removes human errors and improves productivity. Verifone has been a leader in the payment processing industry for decades. Verifone and Lavu are now offering an integration platform for easy and quick payment processing in Lavu Kiosk. In this integration, Lavu POS and Lavu Kiosk integrate with Verifone to enable a payment processing system for all payment transactions. 

This article helps to understand the Lavu Kiosk and Verifone integration along with Lavu POS and enables the new Verifone payment gateway. 

Lavu Kiosk

Once you have signed up for the Verifone payment gateway in Lavu Kiosk, the customer success team will enable the Lavu Kiosk extension on the Lavu POS customer portal. When the Kiosk extension is enabled, a new option will appear on the left-hand side menu called “Kiosk.”

Enabling Verifone Payment Gateway in Kiosk 

After enabling the Kiosk extension by the customer success team, the Lavu POS customer portal displays the Kiosk option on the left-hand side menu. Under the Kiosk, you can enable the Verifone payment gateway to accept the payment transactions performed by the patrons in the Kiosk at the restaurants. 


Click on the Kiosk option on the left-hand side menu, and you will land on the Kiosk Settings page. 


Under the General Setup section, click on the Setup button in the Payment Gateway Provider.


A new popup window displays the available payment processing options when you click the Setup button.

Select the Verifone payment provider from the available options and click on the Continue button.

Then the Gateway Authentication window will open and provide the Merchant ID, and POSAPP Serial Number in their respective fields, and then click on the Next button.

Important Note: The customer success team will create the Verifone account on behalf of the customer and get the details of the Merchant ID, and POSAPP Serial Number. After getting the details from Verifone, the customer success team member will help the customer to configure the Verifone payment gateway in the Kiosk.

The following steps are Tipping Options and Signature Capture. The Tipping Options would determine the accessibility to the customer tips, and the Signature Capture captures the patron's signature. NOTE: These settings are mainly used in the POS functionality and may not be helpful in the Kiosk functionality. But you must set these steps to complete the Verifone card reader setup process in the Kiosk when setting it up for the first time. Since the card reader setup process is the same in POS and Kiosk, the customer success team helps you in the setup process.


The following section is Batching options. In this section, you will have the option to enable Allow in app batching & Auto Batching (Recommended) and then click on the Finish Setup button. 


Note: If you choose automatic batching for your transactions, you will also be able to set the time your batch occurs, and it is recommended that you set the batch time at a time when your business is closed.

After clicking the Finish Setup button, the Verifone account gets configured and shows the Verifone account gets enabled.

Once the configuration is completed successfully, the Kiosk page will show the newly configured Verifone payment gateway as below.

After successfully configuring the Verifone payment gateway, it accepts the payment transactions from the patrons for their orders.

Important Notes: 

  • If you use more than one kiosk, you must configure Verifone to different kiosks even if you have the same Verifone credentials. 
  • It is mandatory to complete the entire Verifone setup process when you are setting it up for the first time (GatewayAuthentication⇒TippingOptions⇒Signature Capture⇒BatchingOptions). After fully setting up the Verifone, you can enable or disable the customer tipping under the Kiosk settings.

Connect Verifone Card Reader to Lavu POS (Kiosk) 

To connect the Verifone card reader to the Lavu POS, first, it must be connected to the WiFi. The Verifone reader can be connected/paired to LavuPOS App only if both devices are on the same network. Once the Verifone reader is connected to WiFi, the reader can be paired to the Lavu POS (Kiosk). Ensure that the reader and the Lavu POS (Kiosk) are on the same WiFi network.


Log in to the Kiosk and go to the Admin menu by tapping on the logo on the top right corner three times, and click on the Card reader. 

Once you click on the Card Reader you will get the options Scan Terminals & Enter Terminal IP Address.


If you click on the Scan Terminals the Kiosk App finds the devices which are connected under the same network. It may take some time to discover the devices under the same network. After that select the device and completes the connection. 

Otherwise, if you select the Enter Terminal IP Address, you need to provide the IP address manually to connect with the Verifone card reader.

Note: Providing the IP address manually is the preferred way to connect the Lavu Kiosk with the Verifone card reader. 


After providing the IP address, the Kiosk will provide a 4-digit terminal passcode (if the connected network works properly without any interruption) that must be entered into the Verifone card reader.

If the passcode matches, the Verifone card reader gets connected to the Lavu Kiosk and displays as shown below.

After successfully paired the Verifone reader with Kiosk a new option will be displayed under the Administration menu called Verifone. If you click the Verifone you will get the Verifone information.

In case if you want to unpair the Verifone card reader with Kiosk, click on the Disconnect button and click on the Confirm button to unpair the connection.


Verify the Verifone Card Reader On Control Panel

After successfully completing the Verifone card reader configuration verify the card reader connection with the Kiosk in the Lavu Control Panel. Follow the below steps to verify the card reader connection with Kiosk. 


Login to Lavu CP with the valid credentials and click on the Card Integration under Settings on the left-hand side menu.


Once the Verifone devices pairing is done. they would show up in the control panel.


By default name of the card readers field will be empty and it is suggested you provide valid names to the card readers. After updating the card readers with the names click on the Update button to keep the details.

For any further support, please reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at 505-535-5288 or email .