POS - Split an Order Evenly

POS - Split an Order Evenly

These instructions are for times when a table hands you multiple cards/payment types at the end of the meal and asks you to split it evenly between them.

Swipe over the Split button to prompt for the pop-up menu(tap and hold the split button and slide your finger to the right).



  1. Open the order
  2. Swipe the Split button (near the top of the order pad)
  3. Tap Split Evenly
  4. Tap the number of checks to split the order into
  5. Tap go > button at the bottom right of the pin pad

Now the order is split into multiple checks. Tap on each check number in the checkout screen to cash them out.

You can also use this action again to change the number of checks on the order. You can even "split" the check into 1 check, to combine everything back into one check on the order.


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