Sign Up for Menu Drive Pay

This article will walk you through how to sign up for Menu Drive Pay, or processing partnership with Stripe.

MenuDrive Pay is our proprietary payment system powered by Stripe, the e-commerce infrastructure built for the internet. Unlike competitors that began as in-store processors and then shifted to on-line, Stripe has always been digital first and digital forward.

MenuDrive Pay is the fastest way to start accepting credit card payments for you online orders.  If you want to start taking orders right away, MenuDrive Pay is the right choice for your Credit Card Gateway. 

To get started, all you have to do is select MenuDrive Pay for your Credit Card Gateway.

sign up MD 1.png

Click Sign up for MenuDrive Pay.

sign up MD 2.png

You will notice two choices:

  • Individuals and Sole Proprietorships 
  • Companies, LLCs, and Partnerships

Make the appropriate choice and the next screen you will see is the MenuDrive Pay application screen.

OR the Individuals and sole proprietorships application. 

Either application can be completed in a few minutes. 
After you click Create Account, Stripe will respond with some additional questions.
Like, what is your phone number?

And, what is your industry? What is your website URL?

If you save for later, you will be returned to your MenuDrive Admin Control Panel.
Continue the application by clicking the button, Continue Applying for MenuDrive Pay.

If you click Next, the questions will continue until Stripe has the information it needs.

If anything on the application cannot be verified, such as an address that can't be found, this is when it can be corrected.

After you provide the requested information, you’ll see the application complete message.

Click Submit.

Congratulations! You can now accept credit card payments for your online orders.