Tracking Timecard Adjustments

Following an enhancement released on 06/01/2017, the Action Log will track manual adjustments made to timecards from the V1 Time Cards report. The update was made in order to establish an audit trail for timecards and allow account admins to review the frequency and degree to which employee timecards have been adjusted due to missed punches, etc.

The following adjustments are recorded in the Action Log:

  • Clock In Time Edited
  • Clock Out Time Edited
  • Clock Punch Deleted

Note: Timecard adjustment tracking is not retroactive. Only changes made after the update on 06/01/2017 will be recorded to the Action Log.


Viewing Timecard Adjustment Records

1. Log into the Admin Control Panel ( 

2. Navigate to Reports > Action Log. The “Action” subnavigation metric should be selected by default. If it is not, click on it.



3. Select the desired date or range of dates. Remember, timecard adjustments will only be recorded from 06/01/2017 forward.



4. If any timecard adjustments have been made from the Time Cards report throughout the selected date/range of dates, they will be reflected in the list of actions.



5. To view detailed information related to specific adjustments, expand the drop-down list next to an adjustment action and select the Details filter.



6. The detail filter will display the following information, as applicable to the type of adjustment in view:

  • User - The user whose punch was adjusted or deleted. 
  • Original Clock In/Out Time
  • New Clock In/Out Time
  • Time of Change - A timestamp record of when the adjustment was made.
  • Changed By - The admin user that made the adjustment.




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