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About High Level Till Alert




Lavu’s cash drawer management functions have been improved to include a High Level Till Alert feature.

From the Admin Control Panel, managers are now able to set a high till threshold and an alert interval that will apply to the POS application. After configuration is complete, the Lavu app will tabulate incoming cash transactions against the high till threshold amount and generate an alert when the amount is exceeded on a per register basis. Users then have the ability to jump from the alert directly to Register Functions (to initiate a cash drop via the Paid Out function), or dismiss the alert until its next designated alert interval.

Two settings that govern how the High Level Till Alert will behave in the POS have been added to the Advanced Location Settings area of the Control Panel:

  • “High Level Till Alert” - The interval at which alerts will be triggered after the till threshold amount has been exceeded.
  • “High Level Till Alert Threshold Amount” - The total cash amount (per register/drawer) that, when exceeded, triggers a till alert.

The High Level Till Alert feature is tied to the selected register(s) in use at a given location, and will work regardless of whether or not the detailed Cash Reconciliation till report is in use.

The remainder of this article concerns the High Level Till Alert's initial setup. For more information on using the High Level Till Alert with and without Cash Reconciliation, please see the related articles cited above.


Configuring High Level Till Alerts

1. Log into the Admin Control Panel (admin.lavu.com). 

2. Navigate to Settings > Location > Advanced Location Settings > Accounting Settings.



3. Locate the “High Level Till Alert” setting, expand the drop-down list, and select an alert interval.

Note: Selecting the “Display Once” option will generate an alert prompt each time a cash payment that places the register’s total cash value above the till threshold amount is applied.



4. Enter the desired maximum monetary value per register in the blank field next to “High Level Till Alert Threshold Amount”.

This value should be entered without currency symbols, using a decimal to separate dollars from cents; e.g. a $200 threshold should be entered as “200.00”.



5. Click the green SAVE button, you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.




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