High Level Till Alerts + Cash Reconciliation in the Lavu POS App


About High Level Till Alert



This article concerns the use of High Level Till Alerts in conjunction with the Cash Reconciliation till report. For information on using High Level Till Alerts without the till report, please click here or select the appropriate article from the related articles cited above. 

If High Level Till Alerts have not yet been configured, please see the setup and general information article found here


Till Alerts and the Cash Reconciliation Function

The Cash Reconciliation function allows users to establish a starting bank amount for each register and track currency totals in a concise, dedicated till report. The typical starting bank amount should be considered when defining the “High Level Till Alert Threshold Amount” from the Control Panel.

For example, if a location’s cash drawers usually start each day with a $100 bank and management would like a High Level Till Alert when a given drawer’s cash sales total exceeds $100, the “High Level Till Alert Threshold Amount” should be set to “200.00”. A Cash Reconciliation Till In shift should then be opened at the beginning of each day/shift from the POS:

1. From the default Tab, Table or Quick Serve layout, tap the hamburger button, on the bottom left of the screen.



2. Select Functions and then Manager Functions.





3. Tap Management Tools.



4. Select Cash Reconciliation.



5. Tap Till In.



6. Enter the starting cash amount (total number of each bill or coin value, not the monetary value) then tap Submit at the bottom.





7. Tap Exit from the upper left corner of the screen.



8. When the sum of the register’s Till In amount plus its cash sales total exceed the till threshold amount, a Till Threshold Alert will appear.



9. From the alert prompt, select Ok to bypass the alert until the next High Level Till Alert interval, or Register Functions to initiate a Paid Out cash drop using the steps below.



10.  From Register Functions, tap Paid Out. 



11. On the “Paid Out Amount” keypad, enter the drop amount to be removed from the drawer in order to bring the register’s total value below the high till threshold. Press >.


12. In the “Paid Out Notes” dialog box, type a reason for the Paid Out that is clear and easy to refer back to later. Tap Continue to finalize the Paid Out transaction. A Paid Out chit will print and may be retained for record keeping, if desired. 

Note: In addition to the Paid Out chit that automatically prints with each transaction, Paid Ins and Outs are recorded to the Register Summary, X Report, Z Report and relevant Control Panel reports. 



The till count will deduct the amount of the Paid Out from the register total. The High Level Till Alert will not reappear until the high till threshold is exceeded again.


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