Server Handbook: Changing Forced Modifiers

Forced modifiers can be changed within the Lavu Application without removing and re-adding the order item.


1. The wrong forced modifier was selected, or a customer changes their mind about a side item or other forced modifier selection.


2. To change the modifier, first select the item on the check.


3. Tap the forced modifier selection.


4. A box appears with the forced modifier options.


5. Choose the correct forced modifier.


6. Press Submit to save the changed forced modifier.


7. The updated forced modifier displays on the check. Press the checkmark icon to save the item modification(s).


8. If an item has multiple forced modifier options, they can all be changed at the same time by scrolling within the box. Scroll within the box by sliding upward or downward.


9. Select Submit once the appropriate changes are made for one or multiple forced modifiers.


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