Manager Handbook: Introduction to Restricting User Actions

There are various ways of restricting user actions depending on how a business prefers to operate. Lavu provides several options to customize user access based on management preferences. Control Panel access can be restricted, as well as actions performed within the Lavu Application.



Restricting actions begins with setting the appropriate Access Level per user. A description of Lavu Access Levels can be found in the following support article.

Access Levels are selected when a user is first created. They can be modified in the Control Panel Settings under Edit Users by selecting the appropriate user:


Once the user has been selected, their Access Level can be changed in the dropdown box. Press SAVE at the bottom to ensure changes take effect.




By default, only users with Access Level 3 and higher can access the Control Panel (Backend). Users must know their unique username and password to login.

In the Control Panel > Edit Users section, there are various ways to restrict user access. Reporting access can be set to “None” or a user can be restricted by area.

To restrict a user by area, the “Restricted User” box must be checked. Any area of the Control Panel added to the Area Access Whitelist allows the user to access that section. Please be sure to hit SAVE at the bottom once the appropriate changes have been made.

Note: Allowing a user to access “Reports” gives them access to Time Cards.



Staff will have access to functions within the Lavu application depending on their Access Level and the Settings > Advanced Location Settings designation corresponding to each function.

Advanced Location Settings is broken into multiple sections with several options for customization. To find a specific setting, it is helpful to utilize a search function (Ctrl + F on Windows, Command + F on Mac).

The following list represents restrictable actions and settings available in the Advanced Location Settings.

Note: For settings affecting the POS app, “ Require Admin PIN” refers to a frontend admin of Access Level 2 or above.  

Accounting Settings

  • Access level required to grant tax exemption

General Interface Settings

  • Restrict order access by server
  • Access level required for Manager Functions
  • Access level required for Management Tools

Order Options

  • Access level required to manually override item prices
  • Access level required to edit and remove saved items
  • Access level required to edit and remove sent items
  • Prevent servers from clocking out when they have open orders
  • Prevent servers from printing Server Summary when they have open orders
  • Access level required to open an order that is already open on another device

Check Out Options

  • Access level required to manually toggle gratuity
  • Access level required for generic discount types
  • Access level required to void items
  • Require admin PIN to void orders or checks
  • Require admin PIN to void payments or refunds
  • Require admin PIN to perform refunds
  • Access level required to open cash drawer
  • Access level required to open cash drawer when entering payment

User Settings

  • Access level for which to block PIN usage when user is clocked out
  • Disallow user from clocking minutes before/after shift


  • Restrict servers from accessing their own server summary
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