Manager Handbook: Cash Reconciliation (Till Report)

Cash Reconciliation is designed for the benefit of locations that record cash transactions to a static register/receipt printer. Accordingly, multiple servers may input cash transactions to a single Cash Reconciliation using the same register. This is distinct from the Server Reconciliation, which is designed for use by servers who carry their own individual bank rather than using a register.

Cash Reconciliation balances all register transactions to determine the cash on hand. It will calculate the paid cash orders, paid in/out transactions, and tip payments to servers. Once the Till In and Till Out are performed at the beginning and the end of the day, respectively, the Till Summary shows if the register is properly balanced. Cash Reconciliation options for adding and subtracting rules can be configured in the Advanced Location Settings.

1. Tap the hamburger button in the bottom left corner of the iPad screen.



2. Tap Functions.



3. Tap Management Functions.


4. Tap Management Tools.



5. Tap Cash Reconciliation.



6. Tap Till In.



6. Enter the starting cash amount (total number of each bill or coin value, not the monetary value) then tap Submit at the bottom.




7. At the end of the shift, return to Cash Reconciliation and tap Till Out.



8. Enter your ending cash amount (total number of each bill and coin value, not the monetary value) and tap Submit at the bottom.



9. Tap View Till Summary to see the Till Report on the iPad or tap Print Till Summary for a hard copy.



10. The Till Summary screen or printed Till Report will display how short/over the register is and what is owed to the house.


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