Sending Items to the Kitchen Using Hold and Fire


With the implementation of Hold and Fire (version 3.8.0+), Lavu has improved its order-sending capability. Servers may now set unique hold times on an item-by-item basis from the Order Screen, or flag items for immediate firing to the kitchen. After an item’s hold time has elapsed, the POS will automatically send it to the kitchen without any further action required on the part of the user. Hold times can also be revised after they are set, should the order contents or circumstances of a customer’s dining experience change.

For Hold and Fire to appear in the POS, it must be enabled from the Admin Control Panel’s Advanced Location Settings. Default hold intervals, which range from 5-60 minutes, should also be set from User / Customer Settings to allow easy and efficient hold assignment in the Lavu application.

Functional Limitations of the Hold Feature

Two important functional limitations of Hold and Fire should be noted by users as they may have implications for how the feature is incorporated into the business’s workflow:

  • As an alternate order sending scheme, Hold and Fire cannot be used in conjunction with pre-existing sending options. Specifically, "Display Active Courses" and "Auto Send when printing check or checking out" are disabled, and disappear from the advanced location settings, when Hold and Fire is in effect.
  • Hold commands and any associated timers are stored locally, on the device from which they were originally set. This means that, should a hold need to be revised, it must be done from the iPad that was used to assign the hold initially.


Enabling Hold and Fire

1. Log in to the Control Panel.

2. Navigate to Settings > Location. Click on Advanced Location Settings.




3. Scroll to the General Interface Settings section.



4. Locate the “Enable Hold and Fire functionality (disables auto-send when printing check or checking out)” setting near the end of the section. Check the corresponding box to enable Hold and Fire.


Reminder: As noted above and in the setting title itself, Hold and Fire is incompatible with auto-sending orders to the kitchen upon check out. Accordingly, “Auto-send when printing check or checking out” will be suppressed when Hold and Fire is enabled.


5. Click the green SAVE button.



6. Navigate to Settings > Users/Customers and select Hold & Fire under Users / Customers.




7. Assign a time interval to each of the Hold and Fire buttons that will appear in the POS.



8. Click the green SAVE button.



9. Reload settings on all iOS devices running Lavu POS to ensure the changes take effect.


Using Hold and Fire in the Lavu POS App

1. Create a new Tab, Table, or Quick Serve order (a Tab is used in this example).



2. Add items to the order, then tap Hold. 



3. The POS will generate a window containing all available Hold and Fire options:

a. Hold indefinitely

b. Hold an item for one of the preset hold intervals

c. Enter a custom hold duration for a given item

d. Fire an item to the kitchen immediately

a. To hold an item indefinitely, tap the infinity symbol [ ∞ ].


 b. To hold an item for one of the preset time periods, tap the corresponding hold interval button.



c. To enter a custom hold time, tap the Custom button, then key the desired interval (number of minutes) into the “Enter Hold Time” keypad and press the green circle -> Icon.



d. To flag an item to be sent to the kitchen immediately, select the Fire option.


4. To finalize Hold and Fire selections, tap Apply. This will start the timer for all held items and also trigger an immediate “send to kitchen” command for any fire items.


5. Pending item holds are indicated by a deep orange header above the item, which displays the hold duration and imminent fire time. 


If all hold timers were selected correctly, the user may exit the order at this point and resume normal use of the POS.


6. As holds are fulfilled, the orange header and item highlight will disappear and the item text will turn grey to indicate the item has been sent to the kitchen.



Revising a Pending Hold

1. Re-access the order and tap Hold / Fire again.



2. Select an alternate hold interval, or choose to fire the item immediately. Items which have already been sent to the kitchen will appear in grey to indicate that no further hold or fire selections are available.


Reminder: As noted above, hold commands are stored on the device from which they were originally set. If a hold needs to be revised, it must be done from the iPad that was used to create the original hold.


3. Tap Apply to confirm the updated selection.IMG_0239.PNG







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