How to Send an Order

To accurately prepare items, the kitchen must receive copies of each order's contents. Orders are sent to the kitchen based on their printer designation in the Control Panel’s Menu.

1. Create a new order.


2. Select items to add to the order.

3. Press the Send button.


For restaurants whose operations include multiple meal courses, the Active Course function may be enabled from the Admin Control Panel’s Advanced Location Settings. This feature allows users to apply a distinct course to order items and send them to the kitchen separately for timely preparation.

The Active Course (enabled in the Control Panel’s Advanced Location Settings) can be used to separate orders or send items to the kitchen at different times.

1. Create a new order.

2. Select items to add to the first course of the order.

3. Press the Send button.

4. When the first course is completed and new items will be ordered, select the Active Course icon before ringing in the new items.

5. Choose the appropriate course number.

6. The courses will display to the left side of the items.

7. Press the Send button to display course send options.

8. Select the appropriate option to send it to the kitchen.

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