Troubleshooting: Credit Card Swipers

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Basic Information & Tips 

  • Credit Card Swipers must be encrypted with the same Credit Card Gateway provider on the account.
  • Ensure the credit card is being swiped properly.
  • Use a lint free cloth to clean the swiper.
  • Ensure proper connection between devices.
  • Ensure the swiper is registering the swipe. Does it beep? Does the light flash?
  • Use the factory provided charging equipment.
  • If manual credit card entry works, there is most likely an issue with the swiper.
  • If manual credit card entry does not work, there is an issue with the integration data from the Credit Card Gateway provider. 

Additional Steps for USB Swipers

  • Try a different USB port on the printer. 
  • For USB Swipers, the printer model must be a TM-88V-i (smart printer) in the Control Panel. 
  • The proper register (or printer) must be selected in Register Functions > Select Register.
  • Pairing mode of the printer in the Control Panel > Printers / KDS should be “Auto.” Switching to manual, reloading settings, and attempting the pairing procedure may also resolve the issue. 
  • USB Swipers can only pair with one iPad.
  • A TM-88V-i printer can only use one USB swiper despite having 4 USB ports. The swiper pairs to the printer, which prevents other swipers from using the printer at the same time. 


Unpair and Re-Pair the Credit Card Swiper

Note: A Lavu Username and Password will be required to sign back into the account.

1. Unplug the Credit Card Swiper.


2. Press the Lavu button.


3. Tap Exit Location.



4. Tap Yes.



5. Tap Exit.



6. Double press the Home Key and swipe applications upward to close them.



7. To power cycle the device, press and hold the Home Key and Power Key, simultaneously, for approximately 10 seconds until the Apple Logo appears.


8. Once the device has rebooted, log back into the Lavu Application.



9. Create a brand new order and input items.



10. Press Check Out.



11. Reconnect the Credit Card Swiper and ensure the icon is green.




12. Test the swiper again.


If issues persist, please contact Lavu Customer Care at or 855-528-8457.

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