Inventory Migration

Lavu has created a migration tool to facilitate the transition from Inventory 1.0 to the all-new Inventory 2.0 system. Migration will assist locations in transferring their existing inventory item list from the old system to the new system.

Migration will be available from the release of Inventory 2.0 until Monday, December 4th. During this time, customers may retain access to Inventory 1.0 or choose to adopt the new inventory system by following the steps below. After the transition period has elapsed, Lavu will move to Inventory 2.0 permanently.

The instructions below are intended specifically for customers that have opted to migrate their inventory stock from Inventory 1.0 to 2.0.

Note: Please be advised that after migration is complete, new inventory items must be assigned to the menu as ingredients before the system can deduct from item stock with each sale. 


Migration Instructions

A series of prompts have been added to the Admin Control Panel in an effort to make migration as easy as possible.

As soon as Inventory 2.0 is released, clients will see a popup in the Control Panel Dashboard.



This prompt contains four options, which are explained in the popup. ALL CLIENTS should read the prompt in its entirety before making a selection. The choices are:

  • START NEW - Intended for customers who want to start using Inventory 2.0 but do NOT want to migrate pre-existing inventory from version 1.0. Select this option to begin building inventory items from scratch.
  • MIGRATE - Begins the migration process by redirecting users to Inventory Settings. Subsequent prompts will provide guidance for transferring inventory items from Inventory 1.0 to 2.0
  • EXPORT/IMPORT - Highly recommended for customers who have large inventories or would like to modify inventory before importing it. Please click the following link for more information: Export/Import Migration
  • NOT READY - This option is for customers who are not ready to begin using the new inventory system. Clicking this button will close the prompt window. The prompt will recur once per 24 hour period and Inventory 1.0 will remain accessible until the user selects either the START NEW or MIGRATE option.

Note: Customers who have never used any version of Lavu Inventory will see a slightly different message that lacks the MIGRATE button. The instructions that follow are focused exclusively on the migration option presented in the full prompt.


1. Select MIGRATE. The user will automatically be redirected to the new Settings > Inventory Settings area.



2. A second popup will appear over the Inventory Settings page. After reading the instructions, click the X in the upper right corner of the window to close it.


The text in this prompt reads:

Add some Inventory specific settings

Default values for all Inventory Settings have been provided.

After adding any Units of Measure, Storage Locations, and Inventory Categories unique to your business, select Inventory from the navigation bar above to proceed.


3. Create all the Units of Measure, Storage Locations, and Inventory Categories that are specific to the business (and not already accounted for in the pre-populated defaults).

Because Inventory 2.0 offers more granular control over how ingredients are stored and tracked, these custom elements must be defined in Inventory Settings before they can be applied to migrated inventory items. More information about Inventory Settings is available here.



4. Select Inventory from the navigation bar. The user will be taken to the Inventory 2.0 migration page:



5. A list of all the inventory items migrated from version 1.0 will be displayed. The migration process copies the Item Name, Stock, and last Cost per Unit from the old system. New required fields are Purchase Unit of Measure (UOM), Sales UOM, Category, and Location.


Any ingredients that do not need to be migrated should be deselected by unchecking the box to the left of the Item Name.



6. When entries have been made in all required fields, the FINISH button will turn green to indicate that the item list can be submitted. Click FINISH.



7. Upon successful submission a final prompt will appear to indicate that migration is complete. Within the prompt are additional actions pertaining to ingredient entry. Please read the text before making a selection.

Select GO TO MENU to be taken to the Menu tab where new inventory items can be linked to menu items as ingredients. Select DO IT LATER to close the window.








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