Epson KDS Controls

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Epson KDS Controls

Epson has created a new Kitchen Display System that is fully integrated with Lavu. Up to nine displays are supported by this KDS solution.

The controls for bumping orders, bumping individual items, recalling orders, expanding a single order, and viewing offscreen orders will be detailed below. Finally, the workflow for an "Expo" station will be covered as well.


Bumping an Entire Order

  • For tiles 1-9, pressing the corresponding number pad button will bump the order assigned to that tile.


  • To bump tiles 10-12, press the 0/10 key (which selects 10), then 1 or 2 to designate the second digit for tile 11 or 12.
  • Pressing the Bump button followed by a tile number will force-bump the order associated with that tile. In the event an order gets “stuck” on the KDS, force bumping may resolve the issue.


Bumping Individual Items (Scroll Mode)

  • Pressing Scroll and then a tile number enters “Scroll Mode” and will select the first item in the tile. The selected item will be highlighted in yellow.


  • Pressing Home selects the next item in the order. If the item is in the next tile, the highlight cursor will move to the new tile. If it is the last item for the order, pressing Home will have no effect.
  • Pressing Mode selects the previous item in the order. If the item is in the previous tile, the highlight cursor will move back to the preceding tile. If it is the first item in the order, pressing Mode will have no effect.
  • Pressing Bump will bump the selected item and associated modifiers, denoted by a strikethrough. Items can be un-bumped by pressing Bump again. Once all items are bumped, the entire order is bumped and the KDS will exit Scroll Mode automatically.
  • Pressing Summary will display the recipe and cooking instructions (as they were entered during configuration) for the selected item.
  • To manually exit Scroll Mode, press Scroll again.

Recalling Orders

  • Orders that have been bumped can be viewed in the History Window and recalled if necessary. To bring up the History Window, press Recall.


  • Bumped orders appear in a list with the last bumped order at the top.
  • Press Home to select the next order or Mode to select the previous order.
  • To recall the selected order, press the ↵ key. The recalled order will be stamped as such in the header and placed at the beginning of the queue in tile 1, shifting existing orders forward.
  • Press Recall again to exit to the main screen.


Expanded Order View

  • Orders can be selected and expanded to view them in their own pop-up window. This is particularly useful for orders that span multiple tiles.


  • To expand the view for an order, press Summary and the corresponding tile number.
  • Press Summary a second time to return to the normal view.


Viewing Off Screen Orders

  • To view orders not visible on the main screen, press Home to view new orders to the right. Press Mode to view older, existing orders offscreen to the left.


  • This function will shift orders across tile windows one at a time, not pages. So, pressing Home once to move to the right will bring one new order into view in the last tile space; the order that was occupying tile 1 will shift offscreen to the left, the order that was tile 2 will become tile 1, etc.

Expo Station Workflow

Epson KDS has a native expeditor function that permits one or two screens to be designated as Expo Stations during the pre-configuration process.

A copy of all items from every order sent to the kitchen will go to Expo station display(s) regardless of where the individual items are routed. Expo stations should NOT be mapped in the Lavu Control Panel; expo routing is handled entirely by the Expansion Module(s).

As a safeguard and to ensure accuracy, entire orders cannot be bumped from an Expo station until each item has been bumped from its other station(s).

Once an item has been bumped from its original station, the item will be struck-through on the Expo display. When all items for a given order have been bumped, the order will be highlighted at the Expo station and move to the beginning of the order tile queue to indicate that it can be bumped entirely.

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