Server Handbook: Voiding Orders

Users can void an entire order through the Lavu application. The ability to Void an Order can be restricted to only admin users (Access Level 2 users or higher).  This is done through the Lavu Control Panel:

1.  Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Advanced Location Settings. voidingitems_ALS_CP_1_10_17.png

2. Scroll down to Checkout Options > Require Admin PIN to Void Orders.voidingorders_requireadmin_cp_1_17_17.png

3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.guestaverages_save_cp_1_11_17.png


1. From the Order Screen on any order type, tap Checkout. voidingitems_checkout_3.2_1_10_17.PNG

2. Select Void.voidingorders_void_3.2_1_17_17.PNG

3. Tap Yes.voidingorders_yes_3.2_1_17_17.PNG

4. Input a Reason for Void, and select Continue.voidingorders_reason_3.2_1_17_17.PNG

The Order will now be voided and return to the default Service Type.

Note: Voided Orders can be reviewed in the Voided Orders Report in the Lavu Control Panel or on the Lavu application through Closed Orders.

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