Server Handbook: Loading Gateway Gift Cards

Lavu users that have active Credit Card Integration can load Gift Cards issued by their Payment Gateway.  To issue cards through Lavu, a Gift Card Menu item and Payment Method must be created through the Lavu Control Panel.  Once these items are set up, gift cards can be loaded through the Lavu app:

1. From the Order Screen, select a Gift Card Menu Item.gatewaygift_giftitem_3.2_1_10_17.PNG

2. Tap Issue Card.gatewaygift_issue_3.2_1_20_17.PNG

3. Input the Amount of the Gift Card. (Gift Cards at a set price will not require this step)gatewaygift_enteramount_3.2_1_20_17.PNG

4. Go to Check Out.gatewaygift_checkout_3.2_1_20_17.PNG

5. Tap a Payment Method, such as Cash.gatewaygift_cash_3.2_1_20_17.PNG

6. Manually Enter Gift Card Information or Swipe a Gift Card.gatewaygift_entercard_3.2_1_20_17.PNG

7. A successful issue of a Gift Card will show as Processed, along with the New Balance of the Gift Card.gatewaygift_processed_3.2_1_20_17.PNG

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