Lavu Access Levels

Lavu has five access levels (0-4) that are used to control which features of the application users are able to utilize.  Level zero is the lowest access level and four is the highest.  Generally, back of house staff or individuals that only need clock in and out privileges are set to access level zero, servers and other employees should be at access level one, leads/floor managers should have level two, and managers or owners, access level three.  Level four is used for customers that have multiple locations.  The access levels can also be customized for certain features.


The following is a short rundown of the default access provided by each level:


Level 0- Back of House staff. This access level is restricted to clocking in and out only. Access level Zero requires app version 3.2.5 or higher.
Level 1- Servers. Allows for basic functions like sending orders to the kitchen/bar, opening new tables and checking people out.
Level 2- Floor managers. Access to voids, discounts, refunds, ability to re-open closed orders and the access to remove an item that might have accidentally been ordered.
Level 3- Owner. Access to back end's menu and the ability to make any necessary changes, access to the reports, inventory, user info, management area, and more.
Level 4- Owner with multiple locations.


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