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End of Day reports are a comprehensive look at sales from a certain day or a date range. Here you will find all sales totals divided by cash transactions, card transactions, gift certificates, etc.

If you are using integrated credit cards you will also have the option of batching out credit cards and to see all orders that went through for the day.

To look at this report, start by logging into the backend and finding the Reports section.
Under the General column, find the End of Day report.


Start by selecting a day and choosing between Orders OPENED on the day or CLOSED on the day.
By selecting a single day, your report will look like this:



If you want to look at a range of dates, your report will look like this:


You will have the option to Settle Credit Card Batch on this page, but be sure to Submit Tip Changes/Capture Authorizations in the Detailed End of Day before you Settle Credit Card Batch.


For more information on correct settling procedures, please check out this User Guide:

This report is not exportable, but you will find a Printable Version button near the top of the report.

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