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Setting up KDS Lavu

The setup process for KDS Lavu is quite simple and can be done in only a few minutes. The most important part of setting up KDS Lavu is setting the designated KDS Lavu iPad to a static IP address on your network. Doing this prevents the iPad from changing its IP address if it is ever turned off or when reconnecting to your network from getting a new one. (See SET UP: KDS Lavu iPad)

1. Download the KDSLavu app from the Apple app store 

2. Log into your Admin Control Panel at

3. Click Settings > Printers / KDS 




 4. Click + Add New, to add the iPad designated for KDS Lavu to your printer list


5. Select Kitchen from the Setting drop-down menu

6. Enter a Name for the KDS Lavu iPad in the text field

NOTE: If using multiple iPads with KDS Lavu, the Name should be descriptive enough that you can quickly identify which iPad is which

7.  Assign the IP address and port  

NOTE: KDS Lavu uses port 5288

8. Select KDS Lavu from the Command Set drop-down menu 

9. Click Submit to save the settings


10. Learn how to assign Menu Categories or Menu Items to print to KDS Lavu iPads


Let Lavu meet all of your hardware needs at the Lavu Shop!

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