Customer Management

Customer Management
Customer Management helps you collect information about your customers. This information can be used to label orders, look up order history and for marketing purposes.


Enabling Customer Management

1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel


2. Click on Settings -> Customer Management

3. Click Enable

Configure Customer Management

1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel

2. Click on Settings -> Customer Management

 3. Select the options you would like to use.

Require customer selection before entering Check Out - When this setting is enabled it will force the server to fill out customer information or select an existing customer before they are able to go to the checkout screen,

Automatically start customer selector when starting a new order - With this setting enabled, you will be prompted to select the customer or enter a new customer when starting an order.

Enable Waivers with Users Signature - This setting gives you the option to have a customer read and sign a waiver. See the Waivers section below for more information on setting up Waivers.

4. Select what data you would like to collect from your customers.




Using the Customer Management Feature

1. Once in an order you will see "Customer:" on the order pad. Tap on that to bring up the Customer Management screen.

2. On the Customer Management screen you can either search for an existing customer or add a new customer.

3. To add a new customer simply fill out the information and tap on submit. To search for a existing customer, enter customer info into the search field (Ex: Name, phone number, etc) and tap the search icon.

4. Once the search results are returned simply tap the green arrow next to the customer that you would like to select. You can also edit the customers info or view their order history from this screen.



1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel

2. Go to Reports - > Active Customers

3. This will display all customers based off the date the customer was added between the date ranges that you select.

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