Information about the Lavu Local Server (LLS)

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Information about the Lavu Local Server

Lavu Local Server (LLS) is an on-site server designed to help locations continue running when a connection to the cloud server is down. LLS runs special Lavu software using an Apple Mac mini computer.

LLS is recommended for high volume customers and customers who have slow or unreliable internet connections in order to help maximize the uptime of your system.

LLS acts as a “middle-man” between your system and the cloud. If your internet connection is temporarily unavailable, your data will be stored on the LLS until the internet connection is reestablished and the data can be synced to the cloud.

In addition to maximizing uptime, LLS also has the extra added feature of the KDS Pro It is kitchen display system the is only available on LLS.

For more information regarding The Lavu Local Server, please contact the Lavu Sales Team at 855-767-5288 or email

Important Note: LLS is not available to all customers and may require an additional monthly fee. Please contact Lavu Sales at 855-767-5288 for more information.

Important Note: Credit Card transactions cannot be completed in POS Lavu when there is not an active internet connection; the LLS does not store credit card information.

Important Note: Lavu ToGo does not work in conjunction with Lavu Local Server.

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