What are Lavu Extensions and Add-Ons?

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What are Lavu Extensions and Add-Ons

Lavu Extensions and Add-Ons are special services that enhance your location's ability to operate. Not every location is the same and not all location's have the same requirements as others. With Lavu Extensions and Add-Ons you can choose what programs and functions can be used.

Lavu Extensions are third-party integrations that require the use of an integrated service provider. Typically there is a fee from the third-party.

Lavu Add-Ons are typically built in-house by Lavu. There are certain requirements for many of these Add-Ons such as an appropriate license level.

Lavu Extensions currently include:

  • LoyalTree - A third-party loyalty program that allows your customers to rack up loyalty points and increases the likelihood of repeat business. LoyalTree has many customizable features that allow you to make it the perfect loyalty solution for your business. For more information about LoaylTree and enabling it on your account, click HERE. Learn more about LoyalTree and enabling it on your account.
  • Mercury PayPal - A third-party integration with one of Lavu's preferred Gateways, Mercury Payment Solutions, this extension brings the power of PayPal to your Lavu POS. Contact Mercury at 800-846-4472.

Lavu Add-ons currently include:

  • KDS Pro - An advanced Kitchen Display System that uses a small computer to display orders sent to the kitchen on a TV. This Add-On requires a Lavu Local Server (LLS).  Learn more about KDS Pro and Lavu Local Server.
  • KDS Lavu - A Kitchen Display System that uses an iPad to cleanly display orders sent to the kitchen. Learn more about KDS Lavu.
  • Lavu ToGo - Built to allow Lavu customers to offer online ordering to their customers, Lavu ToGo is a simple, integrated online ordering solution for your business. Orders are placed online by your customers and the order can then be printed to the kitchen from the Lavu POS by your staff. For more information about Lavu ToGo.
  • Lavu Pilot - A standalone app built to allow business owners to quickly see some of their most important report data (sales, guest count, etc) on their mobile devices (iOS Only) from anywhere in the world. Learn more about Lavu Pilot.

There are many more Lavu Extensions and Add-Ons planned for the future. Check back regularly to see what new features and integrations have been added to Lavu POS!

Let Lavu meet all of your hardware needs at the Lavu Shop!

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