Why do I have a Billing Issue countdown in my Control Panel?

Billing Issue Countdown
There are many reasons that a countdown can appear at the top of the Admin Control Panel window. Typically, this is due to your trial account expiring or a declined payment, and can result in being locked out of the Admin Control Panel until the following steps are performed:
1. Log into the Admin Control Panel at admin.poslavu.com
2. Click the Please click here for more information link

3. At the top of the page that loads, there will be a short statement explaining why the countdown and message have appeared in the Admin Control Panel

4. Enter your credit card information

All Fields Are Required

5. Click Submit 



If the above steps are completed correctly then the countdown and warning box will no longer appear in the Admin Control Panel.

If you encounter any issues or have questions while completing the process above, please contact the Lavu Billing Department via email at billing@lavu.com.

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