Section 7.2.3: Printers / KDS - Printer Groups

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Section 7.2.3: PRINTERS / KDS - Printer Groups


Printer Groups allow you to print Menu Items to multiple kitchen printers at one time. This feature saves time and reduces the risk of a prep station not getting an order. You can also have one kitchen ticket print in the kitchen and a second ticket print at your expediter station to increase efficiency.

Don't forget to assign printers or printer groups to Menu Categories and Menu Items.




1. Log in to your Admin Control Panel ( and navigate to Settings > Printers / KDS

2. Click Add New in the Printer Groups section of the page

3. Enter a Name for the Printer Group in the text field

4. Select the kitchen printers to be included in the Printer Group from the drop-down menus A maximum of 6 kitchen printers can be included in a single printer group.

NOTE: Only KITCHEN printers can be added to a printer group.

5. Once all changes have been made to the Printer Group, click Submit then Reload Settings on all your devices running the Lavu POS App


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