Section 7.3: Sync Status (Lavu Local Server Only)

Section 7.3: Sync Status (Lavu Local Server Only)


The Sync Status displays how much time has passed since your Lavu Local Server last synced with the cloud.

1. Log in to your Control Panel ( and navigate to Settings > Printers/Technical.



2. Click Sync Status.



3. You will see a message similar to the one below.


NOTE: If you are experiencing issues of orders not showing on all your devices running the Lavu POS App or Control Panel reports not showing all orders you know should be there, check your Sync status. If your Sync status shows you are not syncing, do the following:
  • Check that you have an active Internet connection. The LLS cannot sync with the cloud without an active connection.
  • Check that the LLS Mac mini is Turned ON.
  • Check that the LLS Mac mini is hardwired (via ethernet cable) to your router. If the cable has come loose or been unplugged, the LLS Mac mini cannot connect to the Internet.
  • Check that all of your iDevices are on the same network as the LLS Mac mini.

Still not syncing? Submit a support request.

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