Section 5.1.1: Credit Card Integration and Readers and Input Methods

Section 5.1.1: Credit Card Integration 

Lavu POS utilizes Gateways for credit card integration. All PCI compliance needs are directly handled by the Gateways and encrypted hardware. This section will cover the following elements of setting up Credit Card integration with a Lavu account:

  • Enabling Credit Card Integration

  • Selecting the Gateway

  • Entering the required Integration Data

  • Selecting the appropriate Default Transaction Type

  • Enabling specific checks and balances at Check Out

  • Selecting the appropriate Audio Jack Card Reader (if applicable)

  • Selecting Gift / Loyalty Card deactivation Access Level 

Learn more about integrated Gateways. 

1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel at

2. Navigate to Settings > CC Integration

3. Enable Credit Card integration


4. Select the Gateway from the drop-down menu

NOTE: If the integrated gateway is not shown in the drop-down menu please contact support at


5. Enter the applicable Integration Data for the selected gateway

NOTE: The applicable integration data is provided by the Gateway, Lavu has no access to this information. Find out what integration data you need.

6. Select the Default Transaction Type

NOTE: For tipping environments it is important to consult the Gateway and, if applicable, the Merchant Processor. By default, all accounts are set to Auth, this may not be the appropriate selection for all Gateways and/or Processors.


7. Enable or Disable Require CVN when keying in credit card information


8. Enable or Disable Verify charge amount when swiping a credit card

9. Enable or Disable Require CVN when keying in credit card information.

10. If using a credit card swiper that plugs into the Audio Jack then the appropriate reader must be selected from the “Audio jack reader type” drop-down menu.

NOTE: Not all credit card swipers can be used with all gateways, refer to Section 5.1 to see which swipers are compatible with which Gateways.


11. Select the Access Level required to deactivate gift and loyalty cards from the drop-down menu


12. Click Submit at the bottom of the page once all changes have been made.



In order for the changes to take effect in the Lavu POS App be sure to Reload Settings on all devices.

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