Section 4.4: Order Types

Section 4.4: Order Types


The Lavu POS system allows you to assign an order a specific Order Type which can be printed on the kitchen ticket, customer receipt, or both. Order Types are used to designate the difference between carry out and dine in, among other options. This means your kitchen staff will be better able to prioritize orders and your expo staff can make sure that food is plated, or packaged, correctly. You can build out as many order types as you need to meet your business needs.


This section will cover the following settings so that you can optimize your use of Lavu Order Types:

  • Select which tickets the Order Type prints on.

  • Select the print position of the Order Type.

  • Select default Order Types for specific views or service types.

  • Create / Edit Order Types.

These changes are all made from the Order Types section of the Lavu Control Panel. Open this section by:
1. Log into the Admin Control Panel at
2. Navigate to Settings > Location > Order Types

Select the Ticket(s) the Order Type Prints On

The Order Type can be printed on Kitchen Tickets, Receipts, or both.

1. Select the appropriate option from the Include order type labels on print jobs from the drop-down menu.

  • Kitchen Tickets
  • Receipts
  • Both


Select the Print Position of the Order Type on the Tickets

Lavu’s order type functions has been improved to include the position of the order type label on the kitchen ticket (effective POS 3.8.11). Managers now have the ability to display the order type on the top, middle or bottom of the kitchen ticket.

1. Select the desired print location from the Position of order type label on kitchen tickets: drop down menu.

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

Examples of Print Position Choices on Kitchen Ticket




OrderType_Top.JPG OrderType_Middle.JPG OrderType_Bottom.JPG 


Select Default Order Type for each Service Type or View

1. Select the appropriate Default order type for each Service Type



Order Type Prompt

Some business rely heavily on order types to determine order processing. For example, a counter-service restaurant with heavy traffic in both dine-in and to-go orders will rely heavily on the order type to determine how to package the order as it leaves the kitchen.

The Order Type Prompt will pop up and require the server and/or cashier to select the order type rather than relying on them to choose an order type on their own. This will save taps and order prep time and improve accuracy. You can turn the prompt on for table orders, tab orders, or for both. Order Type Prompt replaces the default order type setting.

Turn on the Prompt

  1. Login to your Lavu Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Location Settings > Order Types
  3. Check the boxes next to the service type (table and/or tab orders)
  4. Click SAVE

Here's what the prompt looks like in the app:


After clicking Next.

Create / Edit Order Type


1. To create a new Order Type, click Add Type



2. Enter a Name for the Order Type



3. Select whether the Order Type is Taxable or Tax Exempt.


4. Select whether the Order type is Active or Inactive.

NOTE: Setting an Order Type to 'Inactive' will remove the order type from the Lavu POS App. It will remain in the Control Panel and can be re-activated at a later date.

5. Click Save after all changes have been made. In order for the changes to take effect in the Lavu POS App be sure to Reload Settings


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