Section 6.7: Customer Management

Section 6.7: Customer Management


The Lavu POS now allows for a location to gather and store select customer information. This feature allows a location to quickly find customer addresses for delivery or to send out emailed receipts and newsletters to keep their customers coming back for more.

1. Log into the Lavu Control Panel at

2. Navigate to Settings > Users/Customers.




3. Click Customer Management.




4. If Customer Management has never been enabled then click Enable.


5. Enable or Disable “Require customer selection before entering Check Out”. When this setting is enabled, POS Lavu will not allow an order to go to Check Out until the required customer information has been entered.

6. Enable or Disable “Automatically start customer selector when starting a new order”. When this setting is enabled the customer information interface will launch when an order is started.


7. Enable or Disable “Auto focus on customer search with app”.


8. Enable or Disable “Start customer selector with recently active customers”. When this setting is enabled the customer selector will be presented with most recently active customers first on the list.






9. Enable or Disable “Bold search findings in results”. When this setting is enabled the search results will have bold text where your search entry matched the result.


10. Enable or Disable “Enable Waivers With User Signature”. When enabled, this settings will allow for customers to sign a waiver on the iPad.

Enable “Disable Customer Management from within the app” to turn off the customer information interface on the Frontend.

12. Use the "Default State/Province" dropdown menu to select a state. If the desired state is not in the dropdown menu, refer to the following link Refer to Section 4.3.2: Advanced Location Settings - General interface Settings to edit default states.


13. Add a default city.


When Customer Management is enabled, the First and Last name data fields are required by default and cannot be changed. For each of the other data fields, select the applicable options from each drop-down menu.

  • Include: Select whether a data field is included or --Hide--. When --Hide-- is selected the data field will not appear on the Frontend.
  • Required: Select whether the data field is Required or Optional.
  • Order: Select the order in which the data fields will appear.
  • Print: Select whether the data field will not print or print on the kitchen ticket, customer receipt, or both.
  • Report: Select whether the data field will report in the “Active Customers” report.

Once all changes have been made, click SAVE then Reload Settings on the Frontend.

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