Frontend: Closed Orders


The Closed Orders tab is a convenient for a server to review their Closed Orders or a manager to review all Closed Orders. This function also allows for a customer receipt to be reprinted or the order to be reopened.

1. Tap Closed Orders near the top right corner of the screen.


2. Tap All Closed Orders or Your Closed Orders.


The Closed Orders screen has several functions available:

1. Reprint Check - This will reprint a customer receipt to the assigned register of the device.

2. Reopen Order - When tapped, this will reopen the order in the order screen. NOTE: Re-Opened Orders must be manually re-closed at checkout.

3. Dining Room - When tapped, will return the user to the Table view.

4. Exit Server- When tapped, will exit to the PIN screen.

5. Select an Order - Tap an order from the list on the left side of the screen to review its content.



The Lavu icon contains navigational tools to quickly find specific orders or move to Open Orders.

1. Order # Search - When tapped, allows the user to search for a specific order number.

2. Date/Contents Search - When tapped, allows the user to search for a specific day or word.

3. Filter by Server - When tapped, allows the user to select a specific server’s orders to view.

4. Open Orders- When tapped, will transfer the user to Open Orders.

5. Voided Orders - When tapped, will display a list of all orders that have been voided.

6. View Send Log- When tapped, shows a log of orders that have been sent to the kitchen.

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