Section 4.9: Checkout Layout Editor

Section 4.9: Checkout Layout Editor


Lavu POS Control Panel supports a customizable layout for function buttons on the Lavu POS App Checkout screen. Utilizing this feature, you can configure the lower Checkout buttons to meet your needs. This might include eliminating buttons that are not used (i.e. Gratuity, Discounts, etc) and / or rearranging payment buttons to be more efficient for your workflow.

1. Log in to the Lavu Control Panel at
2. Navigate to Settings > Checkout Layout Editor
3. Click Edit

4. Select number of rows to display
  • Options: 1 or 2
  • Default: 2 rows
5. Select number of buttons per row
  • Options: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Default: Top Row, 4 columns
  • Default: Bottom Row , 3 columns


6. Drag a function button from  to  to change the checkout button layout

7. Once all changes have been completed, click Save


8. Reload settings on all devices that use the Lavu POS App for changes to be applied.

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