Section 7.2.1: Printers / KDS - Direct Printing

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SECTION 7.2.1: PRINTERS / KDS - Direct Printing

The ability to print is a necessity for nearly any restaurant; whether it is an order printing in the kitchen or a customer's receipt, printing is essential. The Printer / KDS settings are where you will set-up each of your printers and / or KDS's.

Lavu recommends that you use Epson Printers; learn more about which models are compatible and how to set them up.

Don't forget that you need to assign Kitchen printers to Menu Categories and Menu Items.

1. Log in to your Admin Control Panel ( then navigate to Settings > Printers / KDS.

2. Enable or Disable Enable Direct Printing

3. Legacy Printing is no longer applicable to the latest versions of Lavu POS

4. Select the Access level required to use front end Printer Setup from the drop-down menu

This setting dictates whether a user will or will not be able to select Printer Settings in the Lavu POS App

5. Select the Kitchen ticket font size and Kitchen ticket font size in graphics mode from the appropriate drop-down menus

6. Enable or Disable Print modifiers in red on Kitchen ticket

This setting will only apply if you have a two color kitchen printer

7. Select the Receipt font size and Receipt font size in graphics mode from the appropriate drop down menus

8. Enable or Disable Include company logo on receipts

This setting requires that you upload an image to your Company Settings and have Graphics Mode enabled.

9 Enable or Disable Order receipts respect category print order (2.3.12+)

10. Click Submit to save any changes you have made then Reload Settings on all of your devices running the Lavu POS App

Figure 1

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