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Please read before proceeding to the installation steps.

  • The Lavu Local Server (LLS) must be installed before installation of the KDS Pro.
  • LLS Print Queue (contact Lavu Support) and Direct Printing must be enabled.

For more information about installing the LLS, please visit the links below.

 1. Create a printer in the Admin Control Panel. Use the following settings:

  • Name: Any desired name can be entered
  • IP Address: Leave Blank
  • Port: Leave Blank
  • Printer Type: KDS
  • Command Set: KDS Pro
  • Characters Per Line: Leave Blank
  • Line Spacing: Leave Blank
  • Image Capability: None
  • Perform Status Check: Leave Blank
  • Print each Item on It’s own individual ticket: Leave Blank.

2. Insert the SD card and connect all cables except the power cable to the KDS Pro Raspberry Pie.

  • HDMI - for the KDS screen
  • Ethernet - for LLS connectivity
  • USB - for the bump bar

3. Plug in the power cable. The KDS Pro will initialize and display text on the KDS screen. It will begin scanning the network for the Lavu Local Server (LLS). This process can take up to 10 minutes.

4. Once the LLS is found, the KDS Pro will finish the startup sequence and display this page:

  • “The device ( has Been Associated With a KDS Printer Designator, Please use the Mapper Section of your Settings Area on your Bump Device to initialize it.”
  • The IP address will display in large font across the screen.

5. Using the Bump Bar- press the menu button to open the layout page.

6. Using the Bump Bar- press the menu button again to open the device mapper.

7. Bump Bar controls:

  • Use the left and right buttons to scroll through the drop down boxes.
  • Use up and down buttons to make a selection.  
  • Any KDS Pro printers created in the admin control panel will appear here.

DEFINITION: A controller is a KDS Pro with a bump bar attached.  It can display and clear tickets on the KDS screen.  

DEFINITION: A viewer is a KDS Pro without a bump bar attached.  A viewer is assigned to a controller. The viewer will display the same tickets as the controller and will be bumped from the viewer when they are bumped from the controller.  

8. Using the Bump Bar- press the Bump Item button to apply the selected printer. The IP address in the background will disappear.

9. Using the Bump Bar - press the Menu button to close the device mapper screen.  A grey screen with a clock at the top will appear; indicating that the device mapper screen is closed.

10. After the KDS Pro is setup, assign it to the menu. For more information about assigning a printer to menu items, please view the link below.

11. To complete the KDS Pro setup, reload settings on all devices.

TESTING - use the Lavu POS app to send an order to the kitchen.

Let Lavu meet all of your hardware needs at the Lavu Shop!


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