Tab + Table + Quick Serve, which is best for me?

Service Types Overview

You can choose from three service types available in Lavu POS. Each service mode has its own benefits and will help to increase the efficiency at which your location operates.

The three service types are:

NOTE: To switch between the different service types, tap the Hamburger icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Table Layout

For the more traditional restaurant setup, the Table Layout is designed to be a virtual representation of your physical establishment. This allows servers, hostesses, and managers to quickly view seated guest's orders, send those orders to the kitchen, and checkout open orders based on table.

Tap the table that represents where the guests are seated. Tapping a table will take the user to the order screen



Quick Serve

Designed for fast food, food truck, coffee shops, and any other restaurant with counter service to quickly create new orders, send them to the kitchen, and checkout the customer. The primary benefit of Quick Serve mode is when an order is closed, Lavu returns to a new, blank order pad for rapid transition from one customer to another. 

There is no visual interface to enter into an order when in Quick Serve mode. The order screen is always present with no navigation needed to begin an order other than tapping a Menu Item.



Tab Layout

Designed for bars and restaurants who regularly use tabs to track and checkout their customer's orders.




To Create a New Tab, tap the green circle +, then type a name or swipe the customer's credit card. 



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