Frontend: Refunding a Payment

Frontend: Refunding a Payment

1. At the checkout screen, TAP on the payment that will be refunded.


2.Refunding a cash or card payment will give the following options, tap "Process Refund" to perform the refund. “Void payment” will remove the payment from the order without reporting the money given back to the customer.


3. TAP "Process Refund."


4. Enter the reason for refund.

Figure 5

5. Once you have entered a reason then you will need to choose to refund the “Full Amount” or an “Other Amount”.

Figure 5

6. If you are refunding a card and choose the “Other Amount” function, there will be two pop-ups that ask for an amount. The first pop-up is for the “Total Amount” and the second pop-up is for partial refunds. You will be able to enter any amount for the refund up to the total amount.

Figure 6

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