What is a Lavu Certified Reseller? Why should I use a Lavu Certified Reseller?

The What and Why of Lavu Certified Resellers

Lavu Certified Resellers are independently owned and operated businesses that have been trained on the installation, use, and sale of Lavu software.

A Lavu Certified Reseller has the ability to go to your location, evaluate the structure, analyze your needs, and develop a deployment (or improvement) plan specific to what your location requires to operate. Many of the Lavu Certified Resellers have accumulated years of experience in the service industry and the technology that drives better service and business practices. Lavu Certified Resellers aim to develop relationships with their clients to provide the best service possible in the most efficient ways available.

To find a Lavu Certified Reseller near you, please email reseller@lavu.com.


NOTE: Lavu Certified Resellers are independently owned businesses and are not employed by Lavu, Inc. Any refund requests for licenses purchased from a Lavu Certified Reseller will need to be resolved directly with the Reseller.

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