What Integration Data do I enter for BridgePay / TGate?

What Integration Data do I enter for BridgePay / TGate?

Checking the Integrated credit card processing checkbox is only the first step of being able to accept credit card payments through Lavu POS. It is vital that you enter the correct Integration Data in the correct text field.

The Integration Data is provided by BridgePay / TGate when you create an account with them. The username and password are sent in an email to the customer and will be the same credentials used to log into MyBridgePay.

To use Lavu with the Bridgepay / TGate Gateway platform, please enter the following information in the correct fields:

Integration data 1: USERNAME

  • This is your username for MyBridgePay

Integration data 2: PASSWORD

  • This is your password for MyBridgePay

No other Integration Data is required.


NOTE: The Default transaction type will affect how tips are processed. Which Default transaction type you select is dictated by the gateway, processor, merchant service provider, or banking company. You need to speak directly with Bridgepay / TGate to find out what you Default transaction type should be.

Remember, once you have selected your Gateway from the Payment Gateway drop-down menu and entered your Integration data, click Submit at the bottom of the CC Integration page.

Finally, be sure you Reload Settings on all devices running the Lavu POS App so the changes will take effect in the Lavu POS App.

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