Updating Procedure for the Lavu POS App and Apple iOS

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Updating Procedure for the Lavu POS App and iOS? 

Below you will find some advice on updating Lavu POS and iOS. Lavu POS and Apple's iOS are essential parts of your business, updating or making changes to these systems should not be taken lightly. 

With that being said, these devices are critical to your business and care must be taken when updating to ensure unexpected issues do not negatively effect your business.

Both Apple and Lavu go to great lengths to test their software before its release, but it is impossible to catch every issue, every time.

Please contact Lavu Customer Care with any questions regarding update procedures. 

Phone: 1.855.528.8457

Email: support@lavu.com



1. WAIT FOR THE RIGHT TIME -- Unless the app/device has incurred a major issue that is fixed by the new version, Lavu recommends waiting a few days after the release before updating. If any major issues with the new release do emerge, they will most likely be caught by the time these days have elapsed. To ensure forestalling of the update, turn off automatic updates on devices running iOS 7 or above. A video walkthrough of this process can be found HERE

    • IMPORTANT FOR LLS CLIENTS -- Lavu POS App updates typically require a corresponding update to the Lavu Local Server software BEFORE updating the POS application. ALWAYS contact Lavu Support to ensure the latest version of the Lavu POS app is compatible with current LLS software.

2. VERSION CONSISTENCY -- All devices (iPads, iPods, or iPhones) using the Lavu POS app (version 3.x.x)need to be on the same version. 

Do not update during service or immediately before service! Outside of regular business hours, update one device (which can be pulled from service if you find any issues with the latest version) and test out the features and functionality most commonly used. If everything functions properly, update the rest of your devices. You should also run test orders and go through those features and functionality you use the most on these other devices as well (just to be sure). 

3. COMMUNICATE -- Make sure that your staff are instructed to alert you about any problems immediately. Common sense would dictate that they would alert you to any issues, but that does not always happen.



What should you do if you experience an issue after updating? Below you will find a few self help tips, they are not in any specific order but may give you some ideas depending on what problem you are having.

  • Power the device off and then back on. Sometimes a reboot is all that is needed.
  • For a problem with an iOS upgrade try restoring the device and setting up as new.
  • For issues installing the Lavu POS update, Force Quit the app then update directly from the App store.
  • Sometimes reloading the settings in the Lavu POS App is all that is needed.
  • Check the forums. If others are having trouble as well, you may find some useful information posted.
  • Submit a Support Request to Lavu Support.

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