Error - Connection Failed: Unable to Load Table and Tab Info

Connection Failed: Unable to Load Table and Tab Info

The “Connection Failed” error message can appear during the following instances:

  • At initial login to the Lavu application
  • When swiping a credit card
  • After a Reload Settings operation

If the “Connection Failed” message appears, follow the below steps.

1. On devices that are having the error message, tap Exit Location in the top left corner of the Lavu application

2. Tap Yes

3. Tap Exit

4. Rapidly double press the Home button on the front of the iPad, with your fingertip swipe up and off the screen to close the Lavu app and all other apps.

5. This step will require your WiFi password -

Navigate to iPad Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Network Settings

6. Once the reset completes, go to Settings > WiFi and connect to the correct WiFi network

7. Launch Lavu, login to your account, and tap Go on the location screen

8. If the connection failed message still appears, please contact Lavu Support at or by calling 855-528-8457.


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