How do I Record Credit Card Transactions without a Gateway?

Moneris is a Gateway solution that is available in Canada and can utilizing the following payment methods; MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader), EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) and NFC (Near Field Communications). To see additional information about Moneris set up, please visit How to set up Moneris Credit Card Integration.

POS Lavu allows for credit card integration via compatible Gateways. However, if one is not available in your area, or if you use a third party terminal, the Credit Card information can be tracked in one of two additional methods;

  • Prompt your Staff to enter the CC type information

  • Create a separate Payment type for that card type.

To prompt your staff to enter the CC information, which will appear on the Transaction report and be included as a separate payment type in the End of Day report. 

To enable this feature, sign into and navigate to Settings.

Navigate to Advanced Location Settings, scroll down to the Check Out Options section, which will be the 5th green band on the website. Select the drop down menu next to “Credit card info to ask for when integration is turned off”



Here, you can select which options you would like to track when a credit card is processed. Select one of the three options available; None; Card Type, Last Four, and Card Tip; or Card Type and Card Tip.


Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and select Submit. Reload settings on your iDevices for the change to take effect and perform a test transaction.



A new Payment Type can also be created for the different Credit Cards, or other payment types, that are accepted at your location.

For Set Up information, please click on Other Payment Methods

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