What is the difference between Terminal and Tableside Mode?

What is the difference between Terminal and Tableside Mode?


Lavu POS is comprised of two Service Modes with distinct variances in functionality. The Service Mode is selected at the time of login and will dictate the availability of particular features.

Terminal Mode - This mode allows users to apply payment and close completed orders via the Checkout Screen. Terminal devices also have access to the full suite of Lavu tools including Register Functions, Server Functions, and Manager Functions.



Tableside Mode - Devices logged into Tableside will be able to create orders and send them to the kitchen, bar or service counter for preparation. As the title implies, Tableside Mode enables servers on the floor to enter customer’s orders on the fly with a handheld iOS device rather than returning to a Terminal station with handwritten notes between each table. Accordingly, Tableside does not permit access to the Checkout Screen or the expanded functionality cited above.



Note: While iPhones and iPods are treated as Tableside devices by default, these devices DO have access to the Checkout Screen and the ability to apply payments. The login process on these devices does not prompt for a selection of Terminal or Tableside Mode as is the case with iPads.

 For a more detailed explanation see Service Modes.

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