V2 Reports: How to Select a Date Range

Select a Day or Date Range for Reports


The ability to view a single day, week, month, year, or custom date range is a perfect way for you to recognize trends and more popular times. Most Lavu reports can be customized to a single day or a specified timeframe that you create.


Begin by navigating to Reports and select the report you want to view.


Select a Single Date:


Click the Day Filter



Click the Calendar View



Select the desired date:



  • Click the left or right arrow to view the previous or next month


  • Click the double left or right arrows to view the previous or next year



View a Month:


To view a month’s information, select the Month Filter



To select a particular month, click the name of the current month shown. A drop-down menu will appear with month and year, click the appropriate field to select that month.


Use the left or right arrows to navigate to the previous or next month.


View a Year:


To view a year’s information, select the Year Filter



To select another year, click the current year shown at the top of the report. A drop-down menu with every year listed, will appear. Click the corresponding year to view that year’s information.



Use the left or right arrows to view the previous or next years information.

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