Turn OFF Auto-Update on your iPad (or iPhone / iPod)

Turn OFF Auto-Update on your iPad (or iPhone / iPod)

You have chosen Lavu POS as one of your business critical systems. Lavu's goal is to provide you the best, most stable, and intuitive product possible with every update to the Lavu POS App.

However, given the mission critical nature of Lavu POS, it is recommended that iDevices not be allowed to automatically update the app without explicit knowledge and consent. This is particularly important for Lavu Local Server (LLS) clients because Lavu POS application updates typically necessitate an update to the LLS itself. 

NOTE: Lavu POS App updates typically require a corresponding update to the Lavu Local Server software BEFORE updating the POS application. ALWAYS contact Lavu Support to ensure the latest version of the Lavu POS app is compatible with current LLS software.

Before starting this process, you may need to have the Admin PIN for the iDevice, particularly if Restrictions have been enabled on the device.

WARNING: Apple's release of iOS 10 is imminent. The new mobile operating system's release WILL generate prompts to update to the new version. Accordingly, it is imperative that automatic updates be disabled and all update requests generated by the device's current iOS version be declined until further notice. 

Please contact Lavu Customer Care with any questions regarding update procedures. 

Phone: 1.855.528.8457

Email: support@lavu.com


Click HERE for a video walkthrough of disabling Automatic Updates

To disable automatic updates, follow the instructions below for each device running the Lavu POS App:

1. On your iDevice, Tap Settings 


2. Navigate to the iTunes & App Store section


3. Tap the slide located to the right of Apps and Updates to toggle automatic downloads OFF.

The slide should appear grey when done (as shown in the image). If it remains green, tap the slide again. 

While the Music and Books & Audiobooks auto-downloads do not relate directly to the processes described here, they may be disabled as well.  


4. Press the Home button once to exit Settings.


If you have any issues with this process, please contact Apple Support.

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