Create a Gift Card Payment Method so Gift Cards can be used for Payment

Payment Methods / Payment Buttons

Gift Card Payment Preparation

Gift Cards must already be activated on your account and Gift Cards should have been added as menu items.

This article reviews setting up your Lavu account to accept Gift Cards as payment options, and then shows how to create a Gift Card Payment Button on the checkout screen of your iPad application.


Create a Gift Card Payment Method

Create a Gift Card payment method that will allow your customers to pay for items with the gift cards they purchase from you.

If you have not yet enabled your account to sell or use gift cards, please visit the previous article at 

To create a Payment Method for Gift Cards

  1. Log in to the Lavu Control Panel

  2. Click on the Settings button in your black navigation bar (on the side)

    (Or on the top)

  3. Go to the Payment Settings list

  4. Click on the 2nd item in the list - Payment Methods

  5. Click on the Add Method button

  6. In the 1st field put in Gift Card

  7. From the dropdown list in the 2nd field, select Lavu Gift

  8. Default settings for other options are usually acceptable

  9. Click the Save button to save these changes


Add Gift Card Payment Button to
Checkout Keypad on iPad

Create a Checkout Button so cashiers can quickly apply customer Gift Cards towards their checks.

NOTE: This is OPTIONAL. Cashiers can also access the Gift Card payment method by using the OTHER button on the checkout screen.

  1. Log in to the Lavu Control Panel

  2. Click on the Settings button in your black navigation bar (on the side)

    (Or on the top)

  3. Go to the Location Settings list

  4. At the bottom of the list, click on Check Layout Editor

  5. Draw a map of the existing layout on a sheet of paper
    Note that it will be necessary to ADD or REPLACE a payment button on the layout. Layouts allow a MAXIUMUM of 8 buttons (4 on top & 4 on bottom). This example displays starting from a 4x3 layout.

  6. Determine where the NEW payment button will go

  7. Click on the green EDIT button

  8. The payment layout editor framework editor displays. Note it is showing a 4x4 framework for the checkout button layout. We are adding a button to the layout, so a 4x4 layout is the target for this example.

  9. After making any desired changes, click the NEXT button. In the case of the example, no changes are required here.

  10. The next screen displays the Payment Button Mapping feature

  11. Click on the grey PAYMENT METHOD button to display the payment methods created in your account (including the new Gift Card payment method just made)

  12. The mapping screen displays the additional payment methods available. Drag down buttons from the set on top to the empty layout below. Refer to the drawing as a guide.

  13. When complete, the example shows the empty spaces at the top for the buttons dragged to the bottom.

  14. Click on the green SAVE button to save the new layout.

  15. The screen will now display the new button layout.

  16. Reload application settings on the iPad(s) to see the new button layout when the "Checkout" is tapped.

For Selling Gift Cards and Using Gift Cards for Payment, please visit the next article in this series:


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