Lavu + PayPal EMV Solution!

PayPal and Lavu Setup

The PayPal and Lavu integration is simple to setup and even easier to use to run transactions. Please follow the steps below to get started with PayPal.

Call the Lavu Sales Team at 855-767-5288 for more information on how to get a PayPal EMV Swiper!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This integration does not currently work with Lavu ToGo or Lavu Customer Facing Display. Lavu Gift and Loyalty can only be used in conjunction with the PayPal MagTek iDynamo. Also, the PayPal integration will only work for US customers. Lavu is working on including these services with the PayPal integration in the near future.

1. Log into your Control Panel at
2. Navigate to Extensions
3. Click the “Get Started” button on the PayPal card
4. Follow the prompts to link your current PayPal Merchant account or create a new one

5. After linking your current PayPal Merchant account or creating a new one, navigate to Settings > Payment Methods

6. Check for a system created “PayPal” Payment Method. If a “PayPal” Payment Method is not showing, follow these steps:

  • Click “Add Method”
  • Enter a name for the Payment Method in the first text field
  • Select “PayPal” from the first drop-down menu
  • Customize the rest of the fields as appropriate
  • Click “Save”

7. Next, navigate to Settings > Checkout Layout Editor
8. With PayPal, the default “Card” button on the Checkout screen will not function so it is necessary to remove that button and replace it with the new PayPal Payment Method. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click “Edit”
  • Select the number of rows that will display and how many buttons will be in each row the click "Next"
  • Click “Payment Method” (a PayPal, or whatever the PayPal Payment Method was named, will appear)

  • Drag the desired buttons to a blank spot
  • NOTE: Do not use the “Card” button

  • Click “Save”

9. Finally, navigate to Settings > CC Integration
10. To ensure a smooth transition to PayPal, alter the following settings: 

  • Select "Sale" from the "Default Transaction Type" drop-down menu
  • Select “No” from the “Show tip input on signature screen” drop-down menu
  • NOTE: The PayPal prompts at checkout have a default tip entry interface

  • Click “Submit”

11. Reload Settings on all devices running the Lavu POS App.

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