Paying for Orders Using PayPal CC Integration

Paying for Orders Using PayPal Credit Card Integration

Paying for an order using the new PayPal integration is very easy. For more information about purchasing a PayPal EMV reader, please contact Lavu Sales at 855-767-5288 or email

REMINDER: Tips must be entered at the time of the transaction (regardless of swiper type or whether it is EMV, swiped, or NFC). There is no batching or future tip entry.

PayPal will need to be setup via the Control Panel before an order can be closed using this method.

1. Create an order and add Menu Items as appropriate

2. Tap “Checkout” or swipe three fingers across the screen from right to left

3. If a “PayPal” button has not been added to the Checkout Layout, follow these instructionsOtherwise, tap “Other” then tap “PayPal”

4. For EMV transactions, insert the customer’s card into the PayPal EMV reader and have the customer enter their PIN on the reader then follow the prompts on the iPad. If it is a Chip and Signature card then the customer will be prompted to sign on the iPad

5. For swiped or NFC transactions simply swipe the card or place it close to the device and follow the prompts on the iPad

6. The customer will choose to leave a tip or not

7. Next, if a reader is not connected (or the swipe failed) a prompt will appear allowing for manual entry (Key in)

8. Once the payment is complete, receipt options will be provided

The transaction is now complete

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