Routing And Delivery

Routing Settings


The Lavu Routing Package creates routes for delivery drivers. The Routing package allows for organized and efficient deliveries. The package creates a destination route based on time and location. The routing feature is used in conjunction with customer management and delivery settings within the Lavu Point of Sale Application. This feature is not available for Lavu Local Server clients (LLS).


1. Log into


2. Navigate to “Settings> Customer Management and enable customer management.

For additional instructions on setting up customer management, visit: Section 6.7: Customer Management


3. Navigate to Deliveries and enable Customer Delivery.  

4. Navigate to Routing to Enable the Routing Feature.




5. Define the Starting Address, Starting City, Starting State, & Starting Postal Code.


6. Define Delivery Earliest Departure, Delivery Window, Time at Delivery Location and click Save.


7. Open the POS Lavu App and Reload settings.



1. Create an order and Tap “Customer” and enter a new customer or use an existing customer.

For information on entering customer information, see FRONTEND INTERFACE at Section 6.7: Customer Management



2. Select a Delivery Time and tap Deliver.


3. Add items to the order and close the order at the checkout screen.


4. Tap the Deliver tab to View Routing.


Note: Deliveries will appear in chronological order at the bottom of the page.


5. Choose a Vehicle.


6. Use the dropdown menu to choose a driver.


7. Add deliveries to the vehicle by tapping on one of the listed orders at the bottom of the screen, look at the map view to see the orders pop up icon, tap the option to "Add to Vehicle."


8. Tap Find Route to create a delivery route.



9. Choose to Send to the route to the driver or Print Route.


10. Use the dropdown menu to adjust the timeframe for late deliveries.


11. Use the dropdown menu to adjust vehicle departure time.


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