PayPal - Magtek iDynamo Transaction Workflow

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In addition to the proprietary Miura reader, Lavu’s integration with PayPal as a credit card processing platform is compatible with Magtek’s iDynamo CC reading device. Use of the iDynamo allows the creation of payment authorization from card swipes as well as the option to adjust a tip to the transaction at the time of authorization capture.

Note: The default transaction type MUST be set to “Auth” in the Admin Control Panel in order for tip adjustment to function. If the transaction type is set to “Sale”, tips will have to be input before the transaction takes place.


1. From the Checkout screen, select PAYPAL as the payment method.

If there is not a PayPal button on the Checkout screen, please review the following document for a walkthrough of adding this button using the Checkout Layout Editor:


2. Tap Continue to confirm the sale amount.


3. The next screen will prompt the user to swipe the customer’s credit card through the iDynamo.


4. After a successful transaction the order will remain open and return to the Checkout screen, which clearly displays the PayPal authorization.

If a tip is to be adjusted to the transaction right away, users may proceed to step 5 below.

If the user is awaiting tip information from a signed customer receipt printout, tap “Exit Server” to leave the order and permit other servers to use the POS.

When ready to add a tip, the order may be re-accessed via Open Orders or the Tab/Table Layout.



5. Tap on “PayPal Authorization” from the Checkout screen.


6. Select “Preauth Capture”.


7. Confirm the capture by selecting “Yes”.


8. Enter a tip amount and press Go.


9. If copies of customer signatures are being captured in the app, have the customer sign and press Submit from the next page. 

If customers are not signing directly on the iPad, users may tap anywhere in the signature area to register an entry and tap Submit to move to the next screen. 

Note: If no signature is captured here, it is important to retain the printed and signed copy filled out by the customer as proof of purchase in the event of disputed charges. 


10. Following payment completion, choose a receipt delivery method from the available options.


11. The PayPal window will close and a dialog box confirming that the checkout process is complete will appear. Tapping “Continue” will return to the default Tab/Table/Quickserve layout and permit the order to auto-close.


Please be advised that tips may only be adjusted to the transaction at the time of capture. If the authorization has already been captured and the order closed, it will not be possible to add a tip. 

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